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What is Obsidian?

Obsidian is a script that allows a group of people on an IRC server all using mIRC 5.91 or later to play a pnp game. It has two parts: a client/player script and a server/DM script. The player scripts log into the DM script, and the player script and the DM script send commands back and forth. All the users do is click buttons. Up to 6 players will be allowed to play in a game, and multiple games and characters will be supported.

I've seen other scripts that manage Pencil n' Paper Roleplaying Games, what's different about this one?

Obsidian uses mIRC's dialogs. Other scripts are very limited in what they allow you to do. Obsidian is very flexible and allows you to do EVERYTHING with windows (GUI) instead of command lines (CLI). Every script that manages RPGs that I could find lacked dialogs completely, and was limited in functionality.

What kind of features does Obsidian have?

Obsidian allows players to create accounts on the DM 'server'-clients. Or, in otherwords, the mIRC client running the DM script has a database for players. Players log in to their account (or create new ones if the DM script is set to allow). From here, they can create a character or participate in a game. In game, players are subject to the DM's ruling -- after all, this is following in the ways of pnp RPGs. The DM can initiate combat at any time. The DM has dice functions at his/her disposal at all times, as do the players. Player dice functions report to the DM script for authenticity. In combat, initiative is automatically rolled by the script each round, and the order for combat is displayed in the combat window, along with the player's stats and the player's allies' stats. Players can choose from melee attacking, casting spells, using special abilities, and use of an item from their inventory. This does not restrict the DM from creating special scenarios. A combat scenario creator is planned for later release. Using this combat scenario creator, the DM could create unconventional battles. For example: the party encounters a mechanized boss. It's plugged into the wall. The boss itself has armor impregnable to the party's weapons. However, once the plug, with no defense and meager hit points is destroyed, it changes the boss HP to 0, thus defeating the boss. Other features in the game consist of shopping -- buying, selling, staying at Inns, and equiping items from inventory will all be possible with the Obsidian script.

Now you've got me anxious, when will I see this script?

I don't have as much time as I'd like to work on Obsidian, and I'm only one man. (I have had people help me in the past, but their interest is lost over time and they abandon.) I am also not a programmer. I write HTML and mIRC scripts. That's it. I only have ideas, my lack of skill is a hinderance to the project. The script is available for download at the Sourceforge Project page. There are only very incomplete, buggy versions of the script there. Most are older and lack the GUI and mechanics.

I wanna help.

Okay. Lets talk. Post on the message boards or drop me an email (Kurin@sourceforge.net).

        I need help
      If you would like to help with the Obsidian game mechanics, scripting, or anything else (such as being a BBS moderator when the BBS starts getting visitors), please email me at: Kurin@sourceforge.net